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Chris Crites
2000 - 2018

September 2018

Participating in the 26th annual 24-hour Art Marathon & Auction, CoCA Sanctuary, September 20 - 22 at the Summit at 420 East Pike Street, Seattle.

New paintings on panel as well as wood engraving. Stay tuned for more information.

Also beginning work on a show for You Are Here 406 in Jeanette, PA for March & April, 2019 entitled "Disconnections". More info soon.

Still working on the "CoDrawings" project initiated by
Juliet Shen which is a lot of fun. More can be seen here.

"the Arrested. #'s 5 - 8."
Acrylic on panel, 4"h x 4"w each, 2018.

Limited edition prints through Brad Benedict's
Sideshow Fine Arts

Available work page still online.

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Thank you for looking and feel free to email me.

chris [at] bagpainter [dot] com

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