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Chris Crites
2000 - 2019

August 2019

Excited to be part of the "Co-Draw Seattle" project initiated by Juliet Shen which is a lot of fun. Our first show is at Columbia City Gallery through August 11. At the closing party, Thursday, August 8, 6-8pm, Coyote Central youth writers will read flash fiction pieces inspired by the drawings.

Kirkland Art Center has invited me to be in their upcoming "In The Flesh" show which will be 10/1/19 - 11/16/19. I will be painting three new mug shots based on arrested minors on panel as well as paper bag covered panel.

"Cynozolon", Collaboration with Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley. Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphite on Aquabord, 11" x 14", 2019.

Limited edition prints through Brad Benedict's
Sideshow Fine Arts

Available work can be found here.

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