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Chris Crites
2000 - 2019

July 2019

Excited to be part of the "CoDraw Seattle" project initiated by Juliet Shen which is a lot of fun. Our first show is at Columbia City Gallery through August 11. At the closing party, Thursday, August 8, 6-8pm, Coyote Central youth writers will read flash fiction pieces inspired by the drawings.

Did two collaborative pieces with Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley for her show up until July 28 at Waterstone Gallery in Portland, OR.

"Musaphobia", Collaboration with Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley. Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphite on Aquabord, 16"x20", 2019.

Limited edition prints through Brad Benedict's
Sideshow Fine Arts

Available work can be found here.

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